Sunday, May 13, 2012

Re-introducing myself =)

It's been a long time. 3 years.
I went to college. (1 more year left!)
Schoolwork cut into sleep time and bento-making time was replaced by sleep.
Food was about what was easiest, fastest, cheapest...

Dyed pancake for Mother's Day
For a while.
But now I find myself thinking more about my health.
This is a lot like the epiphany I had when I first started this blog-
"Wow, I'm aging. I have one body. Better care for it."
But this time it's about forming life-long habits.
I've started making a conscious effort to eat healthier foods, which requires me to pack my lunch sometimes.
Which means more bentos.
Fruit sushi
I have made a commitment to begin exercising more as well.
I have made a commitment to exercise with some of my local girlfriends- walking and biking.
I plan to return to yoga. I tried it during the year and loved it, but stopped going at a semester change.
My biggest exercise commitment?
Me, my brother, my sister
Today my little sister and I signed up for a Sprint Triathlon.
August 25.
In exactly 15 weeks we will be able to say we completed a triathlon.
Me before my 21st birthday, she before her 18th.
We even went on a short celebratory jog. 0.7 miles, 6:43. A short, slow jog. (9:37 minute mile)
More Mother's Day pancakes
I'm excited to be back to show off new bentos, discuss my triathlon training, and display my occasional crafts.