Saturday, August 15, 2009

(Mostly) Picture Update!

Bleeeh. Finally; an update. It's been a while. Unlike last year, what with those beauteous summer school bentos, this year was kind of dry. I landed a job. At a farm. Which meant I could eat healthy foods all I wanted. But I did make time for a bento or two recently. Of greater interest to my audience is probably my trip to the King of Prussia Mall, home to a Sanrio store.
Bottom left is sweet beet rice.
I found some recipe online for it, but I was missing most of the ingredients so I modified it quite a bit. It was supposed to be vegetabley, but I added things to make it more of a dessert.
You can also see also some chicken, beans, and cukes.
Cukes, carrots, and a salad.
Turkey n cheese sandwich in a new container.
New Kuromi bento box.
New Hello Kitty bento box.
New Chococat bento box.