Thursday, October 16, 2008

Bento of Myself

Wow- I've had quite the hiatus. As it turns out 5 AP classes, robotics, and bento doesn't mix. Guess which one got left behind? Yep, bento. I have been making myself bentos when I find the time, but I rarely get a chance to snap a picture of them; it's even less frequent that I find/make time to post them. Bleghh.

This one is from a while back, I'm tempted to say I made this about a month ago. It's supposed to be me, although the only thing that vaguely resembles me is the parting of hair at the side.

Ref Pic

Ingredients: White bread, Ham, Celery, Nori

Tips: Artistic License. My hair isn't this color. My skin isn't this color. My smile doesn't look like that. But it was easier [and cooler looking] this way.