Sunday, July 8, 2012

Summer Foods

I helped make a pair of fruit-topped cheesecakes for a barbeque.

I wish I remembered to take pictures of food more often!
I have been eating lots of exciting foods lately- vegan nachos, titanic pina coladas, grilled trout over lemon risotto.
You'll just have to take my word for it.

Belgian waffles at The Frog Pond.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

One Bento!

Tomato, Iceburg Lettuce, Challah Bread

I made cuter ones, but Mr. Camera decided to take some time off.
I guess this means I need to clean my car/room to find the recharger.

Expect to see some of these adorable waffles making an appearance in my lunch.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Re-introducing myself =)

It's been a long time. 3 years.
I went to college. (1 more year left!)
Schoolwork cut into sleep time and bento-making time was replaced by sleep.
Food was about what was easiest, fastest, cheapest...

Dyed pancake for Mother's Day
For a while.
But now I find myself thinking more about my health.
This is a lot like the epiphany I had when I first started this blog-
"Wow, I'm aging. I have one body. Better care for it."
But this time it's about forming life-long habits.
I've started making a conscious effort to eat healthier foods, which requires me to pack my lunch sometimes.
Which means more bentos.
Fruit sushi
I have made a commitment to begin exercising more as well.
I have made a commitment to exercise with some of my local girlfriends- walking and biking.
I plan to return to yoga. I tried it during the year and loved it, but stopped going at a semester change.
My biggest exercise commitment?
Me, my brother, my sister
Today my little sister and I signed up for a Sprint Triathlon.
August 25.
In exactly 15 weeks we will be able to say we completed a triathlon.
Me before my 21st birthday, she before her 18th.
We even went on a short celebratory jog. 0.7 miles, 6:43. A short, slow jog. (9:37 minute mile)
More Mother's Day pancakes
I'm excited to be back to show off new bentos, discuss my triathlon training, and display my occasional crafts.